Barnett Zumoff, the established translator of poetry and prose from the Yiddish language, took the task of translating one of the most famous Yiddish writers of the 20th century, Peretz Miransky. Miransky was born in Vilnius and started his career there as a writer. He belonged to the so-called “Young Vilnius“ (Jaunasis Vilnius) group that prospered in the town until 1939. During the Second Word War, he moved to the Soviet Union and in 1949, he emigrated to Canada. He died in 1993. He established himself internationally – in 1988, he won the ITZIK MANGER prize – the most prestigious award for the contemporary Yiddish cultural world. The remarkable combinations of mastery, humour and profundity in the creations of Miransky deserve the attention of all the poetry lovers from other nations.
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