Alphonso Lingis is a philosopher of Lithuanian origin, a professor of philosophy at Pennsylvania State University, the author of the books: “The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common” (1997), “Dangerous Emotions” (2002), “The Imperative” (1998), “Trust” (2004), “Body Transformations” (2005), “The First Person Singular” (2007), “Violence and Splendor” (2008). He is also widely known as an excellent translator of French philosophers’ Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Emmanuel Levinas books. Alphonso Lingis expresses thoughts clearly in his texts. He interestingly interprets fundamental philosophical works and describes experiences of different cultures. The photography album “Contact” is made of views and faces met while traveling around the world. Texts accompanying the photographs concisely reveal the philosophical attitude of the author and present an authentic and a careful look at others.
Prekinis ženklas: Baltos Lankos