This book is about the Lithuania that I feel in my heart.I am truly proud to be Lithuanian, and I love this country very much.Edita Mildažytė“Where are you from?” This is a question Lithuanians often can’t answer by simply saying “I’m from Lithuania”, because it just prompts another question: “What’s Lithuania?” This book can help with that.We hope Lithuania on a First Date will show you that we are a small but creative nation, one which has contributed something important to the world. We hope that this book, written by prominent Lithuanian journalist Edita Mildažytė, will encourage you to get to know and take an interest in Lithuania’s past and the present. For many readers this may be a first date with our country. We hope it leads to the start of a strong bond – perhaps even love.Lithuania on a First Date includes a compact disc, compiled by musicologist Viktoras Gerulaitis, which aims to introduce you to the music of Lithuania. Let’s listen to what Lithuania sounds like. 
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