“Lithuania’s most famous battles and military operations” is a just released book that clearly distinguishes itself from so far published similar books in Lithuania. It is a unique publication by its content and the method of composition. The book is rich in authentic illustrations, maps, battles, schemes, and weapon photos. The development of warfare trends of various periods, the evolution of armament, and the geopolitical situation in Lithuania are described in a concise and interesting way.The book is “constructed” in a very structured way giving the reader the opportunity to read it frombeginning to end or to read from any random place, or to look through the book by reading only theindividual texts of personal interest. The reader can “jump” over the excerpts from historical sources or over warfare and weapon development.The purpose of this book is to present Lithuania’s most famous battles to a foreign reader in a popular way. The Lithuanian Army and its warriors’ image of different historical periods of Lithuania are created by numerous illustrations. The book highlights distinctive Lithuanian military traditions and their evolution in the European context. It is a rich, abundant, and aesthetic publication.
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